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The Broken Wings Club, Inc.

Giving a Voice for the Voiceless

The Broken Wings Club, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that advocates for people who are incarcerated and ex-offenders.

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The Broken Wings Club, Inc.

Human Rights

Broken Wings is dedicated to providing incarcerated individuals whose basic human rights have been denied or violated. Our purpose is to intercede on behalf of the inmate and take the legal channels to restore their rights.


We assist qualified ex-offenders who have a criminal record from parole or probation to expunge or seal their criminal record which can be a hindrance when seeking employment and housing.


Broken Wings helps inmates who meet a certain criterion to assist in the process to either commute their sentence or to get their housing facility downgraded to a lower level of security if possible.


We investigate and or process the necessary documentation to present to the respective governmental agencies to request consideration.


The Broken Wings Club, Inc.  is not a law firm and does not guarantee that your case will be approved. We advocate on behalf of our clients.  Our job is to process and reach out to the respective agencies and monitor their case.

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